Burton Youth for Christ was started in 1985, by a group of ecumenical Church leaders responding to the perceived needs of young people within Burton Upon Trent. Burton Youth for Christ is one of around seventy centres in Britain, taking the good news of Jesus Christ relevantly to the young people of this nation, under the overall leadership of Neil O’Boyle. Burton Youth for Christ is committed to working in and alongside schools, churches and other youth related agencies to ensure every young person has the opportunity to maximise the unique potential of their life.  This began under the leadership of Nick Pettingale, followed by Phil Pusey and now continues under Sue Garb.

Alongside the on-going commitments in schools and with churches, projects have included ‘drop-ins’, events, celebrations, trips, camps and street work (including the use of a bus kitted out as a coffee bar).  Regardless of the project, the method is always relational.

Burton Youth for Christ was also instrumental in establishing Youth for Christ in Ethiopia, through Jim and Nestar Goode.  In 2005, Burton Youth for Christ also set up a Youth for Christ centre covering the adjacent South Derbyshire area. The links between the centres remain strong with many opportunities to work together for the benefit of local young people.

A Board of Executive Trustees, who meet on a monthly basis, govern Burton Youth for Christ and oversee the work of the Director and Senior Staff. Burton Youth for Christ also has a Council of Reference, made up of local church leaders from across the denominational spectrum, who receive quarterly reports on progress and ensure that Burton Youth for Christ continues to do what it was intended to.